Loqui Community

Loqui.tv connects users in our international, online professional learning community. Our discussion groups enable colleagues in different schools to share ideas around issues raised in the programmes. They put questions to our speakers who respond through the online forum.

Users also start their own discussion groups about topics that interest them so they can share ideas and learn from each other. The Loqui.tv professional learning community puts teachers in control of their own professional learning. It offers exciting opportunities to learn together with teachers in other schools across the UK and abroad.

Loqui Journal

Everyone using Loqui.tv has a personal professional learning journal which automatically creates space for each programme the user follows. The journal has sections for: Learning, Application, Impact and Next Steps.

Users record what they learn, how they apply that in practice and what impact it has on student achievement. As the journal grows, it gathers evidence of each user's professional learning. The journal belongs to the user and may be transferred if the user moves to another school.

Loqui Live

Live sessions with our headline presenters are scheduled on the platform. These 'webinars' allow users to put questions directly to a presenter. They also enable users to exchange ideas with each other online, in real time.

Loqui Live connects users to live video streaming from international conferences, such as the annual Quest conference in Toronto. You can attend sessions with some of the world's leading education presenters who rarely come to the UK. Keep checking our News section for the latest information on future 'Loqui Live' broadcasts.

Student Achievement

We know that teaching has the most direct impact on students' achievement. Improving learning and teaching is bound to raise standards. Activities in Loqui.tv programmes encourage teachers to work together in school to improve teaching and extend leadership.

Everyone using Loqui.tv extends their professional learning in their own workplace. There is no need for supply cover or disrupted lessons. Teachers learn best by sharing ideas with their own colleagues and changing the way they teach their own students. Job-embedded professional learning supports real change that improves student achievement.